Top Tips For Blinds

Always use a steel tape when measuring, as fabric tapes can stretch. It may seem obvious, but if you are replacing existing curtains that are the right size then simply measure these

2. Experience has shown that it’s much better to install rails before measuring for curtains as it can be difficult to get rails exactly where you want them, especially when drilling into a concrete lintel. Also install corded rails where possible to avoid regular handling, and possibly soiling your curtains.

3. If curtains of different lengths are for the same room and it is important that they pattern match let us know whether to match from the top or the bottom.

4. If you have a valance, you may be able to use slightly less fullness in the curtains (but we would not recommend less fullness in a valance than your curtains).

5. When choosing your fabric don’t forget that curtains will look darker in bulk. Watch out for horizontal stripes as they will accentuate a long narrow room.

6. Bear in mind that curtains with a buckram heading (pinch pleat, goblet pleat) occupy rather more space when drawn back than pencil pleating.

7. A 1½ width pair means just that – each curtain is made up of one full width and half a width of fabric joined together. If you have half widths always make sure you hang them so that the ½ widths are on the outside.

8. Whilst most curtains are washable this does not mean they are shrink resistant unless they are an easy-care fabric. For most fabrics we recommend loose linings if you intend to wash them.

9. When gathering curtains don’t forget to tie the cords at one end securely before gathering and always make sure the excess cord will be on the outer edge of the curtains. Don’t cut off the excess if you are likely to want to flatten the curtains later to clean or store away. We provide cord tidies (F.O.C.) to stop them tangling.

10. It is not always necessary to wash or have your curtains dry cleaned. Vacuuming them should suffice in most cases.

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